Demi Lovato Shares New Song “Commander In Chief”

Demi Lovato has released the new single “Commander in Chief,” co-created by music producer (and Billie Eilish’s brother) Finneas, in an effort to encourage fans to “join me in voting” in the 2020 election on November 3rd.  She also dropped the official music video at midnight on YouTube.

“We are heading into the most important election of our lives,” Lovato wrote Wednesday on Instagram. “This song isn’t about division. This is about finding answers from out (sic) sitting President. So please, debate and talk about voting. That’s what this is all about.”  The song takes a firm stance against the president. Lovato shared video clips on her Instagram account that appear to be teasers from a music video, showing various people lip syncing to her words, including a man wearing a red hat that reads “MAKE AMERICA UNITED AGAIN.” The song’s cover art is a black-and-white photo of Lovato wearing a dark face mask that reads “VOTE.”

Demi Lovato Questions Donald Trump in New Song “Commander in Chief”


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